LED Eye Massager™ Deluxe

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Revitalize and correct your eye contour!

Are you fed up with looking tired to others because of bad sleep or just having your eye contour not being taken care of?
That's why we've come up with the new LED Eye Massager Vinhousse™ that will help you refresh and revive tired eyes!

What makes our LED Eye Massager Vinhousse™ so special?

 Reduce dark circles & Soothe: Perfect for boosting circulation and unclogs the pores to ensure the skincare products be absorbed more effectively. It helps to reduce the appearance of fatigue, ease dark circles and puffiness.

 Stimulate collagen production & Restore youthful luster: Speed up the renewal of collagen to smooth the skin. It activates skin cells to increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin, giving you more radiant and healthy skin!

 Easy to use with 3 different color lights: Compact and beautifully ergonomic. Lightweight & USB rechargeable, it's the perfect travel companion with a simple touch button to flick between settings -

  • Red light: Improves blood circulation, and increases skin elasticity
  • Blue light: Shrinks tight pores, prevents oily skin & fades scars
  • Yellow light: Relieves redness and swelling


 Ergonomic & Easy-Grip
✔ Soothes and reduces redness
✔ Lightweight & Portable
✔ Minimizes wrinkles, puffiness & fine lines
✔ Improves skin density and firmness
✔ Can be used in other areas of deep wrinkles, such as on the forehead and around the mouth
✔ Slows down the skin aging process
✔ Ideal for the delicate skin around the eyes

Customer Reviews

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Aby L.

It arrived in excellent condition. Just as the description. functions are perfect. Excellent device, 100% recommend

Carolanne T.

Fantastic! thank you so much

Sadye H.

works well, all functions are OK. So far, so good

Brigitte R.

Really like it

Ramona D.

Efficient and easy to use