7-in-1 Facial Massager™ Deluxe

£79.97 £109.97

Keep your youthful and radiant skin!

    Are you exhausted from having multiple devices or spending loads of money to take care of your skin?
    That's why we've developed the new 7-in-1 Facial Massager™ that will resolve your skin problems!

    What makes our 7-in-1 Facial Massager™ so special?

    ✓ Safe & Effective: Overall healthier complexion you will notice as the device cleanses, firms, lifts, brightens, and repairs damaged skin. Treats acne, and reduces swelling, wrinkles, and lines.

        Save time & money: Going to a SPA can be very time-consuming! It could take you 3 - 10 sessions just to treat your skin, that's crazy! Not to mention how expensive these methods can be, every salon trip can easily cost £50 - £300 each time!

    Think about that… that's over £3,000 a year!

    ✓ 7-in-1 & Portable: EMS, Micro-current, Vibration stimulation, and 3 LED lights can realize deep cleansing, better rejuvenation, and facial lifting. Lightweight and easy to carry for traveling. You get your own professional skincare at home and anywhere.

    ✔ Skin rejuvenation & toning
    ✔ Eliminates wrinkles & anti-aging
    ✔ Reduces pimples & imperfections
    ✔ Enhances skin elasticity
    ✔ Improves the overall appearance of your skin

    IMPORTANT: Not suited for some cases, see below 
    - Pregnant women
    - People suffering from epilepsy
    - People with blood circulation disorders
    - People with allergic reactions to serum
    - People with hypothyroidism
    - Not recommended for people under 16 yo

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 262 reviews
    Willie S.

    Such a smart device, so satisfied, part of my skin care routine now!!

    Janick K.

    really liked the effect, smooth, recommend

    Ciara W.

    An excellent device for cleaning and lifting. I liked to use it. Recommend. Packaging is intact.

    Kimberly C.

    Perfect, easy to use and convenient

    Golda K.

    All super, 5+++++