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Love it, have less wrinkles on my neck. Thanks a lot, will recommend to my friends!

Better than I expected, has a nice uplifting effect. For the price it's nicely built. Great for massaging the whole body not just the face. Super easy to use and feels good. I recommend.

Like having a masseur, on-call!

Everything works. Well-made instrument. Fits well in grip.

Liked the shape, comfortably skirts the lines of the face. The battery lasts for a long time.

Love it!!!!

It is perfect, with intensity, and small for travel.

The vibration feels pleasant on the face

Not so strong than I expected.

Fast delivery, good quality product

It really revs up the circulation, and works well to ‘break down’ tight muscles


Gorgeous design, relaxing facial massager

it's really sleek and smooth.

Received in box in excellent condition

What I love about this is that it’s also great for lifting

Very satisfied with the product! Can see the results on my neck, thank you!!!

It is so easy to use and feels really relaxing

Okay ~


Very good product… 5 stars 👍

I use it just before going to be and it really relaxes me, and I can feel the massager making my skin firmer

Price wise, I feel like the price is good for the product, its well worth the money.

Nice, good quality..easy to use..I love using this tool. Quick delivery, thanks..

Very pleasant!

I would recommend this facial massager and hope others find it as relaxing and firming as I do!